Motion Magic Canine Cookie FAQs

Who's EVA?

I can't tell you how many times I have been asked, "Who's Eva?".  Eva doesn't exist....E.V.A. stand for Elk Velvet Antler.

What's so Magical About Motion Magic Elk Velvet Antler Canine Cookies?

There are two reasons E.V.A. is so magical.  The first reason,  all the amazing nutrients in it. (See the Elk Velvet Antler Page). Secondly, E.V.A. has Natural Growth Hormones and Natural Growth Factors that put all these nutrients into action.  Helping the body do the work it needs to. 

Do the Buffalo Bill Burgers have real Buffalo meat in them?

Yes! They contain 100% pure ground Bison.

Are These Cookies Good for Cats too?

Absolutely, but most cats like smaller treats, so some of my clients crush these cookies into small pieces and feed them to their cats.  

I am currently working on developing Kitty Krumble, a smaller version of my cookies, so our Feline Friends can enjoy EVA too.

Can Puppies have these Canine Cookies?

Studies have shown that E.V.A. promotes bone and muscle growth. Being PROACTIVE and giving our Motion Magic Canine Cookies as a multi-supplement as they age, can help to promote strong joints and overall good health throughout their life.

What is the Shelf Life of the Fresh Dry Canine Cookies?

Canine Cookies are cooked slowly until all the moisture is removed and they are completely dry. The shelf life should be at least 6 months.


Dogs love these cookies, so I don't think you'll have to worry about them becoming stale. 

What is the Shelf Life of the Frozen Canine Cookie Dough?


Our Frozen Canine Cookie Dough can be eaten as soon as they thaw  It is your choice if you wish to cook them slightly, as there are no ingredients that need to be cooked prior to consumption. They are designed for those dogs missing teeth and want a soft version of our Canine Cookies.  If you keep them frozen and thaw them as you need them, shelf life should not be an issue.

Are There any Side Effects from these Canine Cookies?

E.V.A. is considered a food supplement and there are no drug related side effects. However, not all foods always agree with us and can upset our stomach or cause us to have diarrhea.  If your dog develops diarrhea, please stop using these cookies, there must be something in the E.V.A. that does not agree with your dog's digestive system.

If you have purchased enough cookies for our Suggested Arthritis Plan and this occurs, please contact me.  We will make arrangements for you to return the unopened bags of cookies and refund your money.

This side effect happens so rarely that I do not hesitate offering a money back guarantee.

Can people take Elk Velvet Antler?

Yes, E.V.A. has been used for over 2000 years. It is considered the second most important ingredient in Traditional Eastern Medicine after Ginseng.

While people can take E.V.A., our Canine Cookies are just for dogs.  

Why does EVA work so fast?

Research points to the Optimum Combination of Nutrients plus the Natural Growth Hormones working together to produce such rapid results.

The nutrients in E.V.A. fuels the body to do the job it is designed to do.

How is the velvet antler different from hard antler chews?

When Elk antlers first start to grow, they are made of cartilage and are covered with soft fuzzy velvety hair.  Once the antler has reached its full length (2 months), before it starts to calcify into bone, the antler is humanely removed from the elk. The antler is then dried and the velvety hair and skin are removed.  This dried cartilage is ground into powder.  It is this powder that I bake into my Canine Cookies.

The hard antler chews are actual calcified antlers and I personally do not promote them for two reasons. One, they can possibly  break teeth and lead to tooth decay and secondly, most of the nutrients at the velvet stage are no longer present at this hard bone stage.

Is the Antler taken from Wild or Farmed Elk?

Our Antler is removed humanely from farmed elk only. 

Does it Bother the Elk to not have their Antlers?

While living on farms where the animals are well cared for, with plenty of everything to answer their needs, and with no predators, they are actually safer without their antlers. Ranched elk are usually in closer quarters than wild elk and so they are safer without their antlers in this close proximity.  Elk naturally shed their antlers every year, we are just speeding up this process by removing them early.  Thus, helping them to live safely and happily together as a domesticated herd.

Dr. Lindsay Matthews, a prominent animal behaviouralist. has studied stags before and after removal of the antler.  He confirms that those with antlers removed are far less likely to damage themselves or each other.  He observed they maintained their usual grazing patterns among the animals with and without their antlers.  He did not see any discernible differences in heart rates or stress levels. (Antler Science and Product Technology by the Antler Science and Product Technology Research Centre,  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2001. Edited by Sim, J.S., Sunwoo, H.H., Hudson, R.J., and Jean, B.T.)