"I have had my dog Lexi on these elk velvet antler pet treats for about a month now and they have helped her immensely with her knee injury.  She ruptured both cruciate ligaments back in October and at the same time was diagnosed with arthritis.  She was put on an anti-inflammatory / pain killer long term and we had the option of a very very expensive surgery.  I heard about the elk velvet antler dog treats from a friend and decided to give it a shot.  Lexi is doing better then we ever expected, and is only needing her Medicam pills occasionally, rather than twice a day!  She is moving very well considering the extent of her injury.  I am very thankful for these treats and would recommend them to anyone!"

-Kara, Daysland, AB


"We have a 12 year old German Shepherd.  She wasn't walking very good because her hips were giving her issues. She wasn't running around with the other dog or even going up the stairs for her food very often. We then started putting her food down so she wouldn't have to climb the stairs.


We had heard about elk antler velvet pills for humans but hadn't heard about it for animals, so when I saw Janice at the Christmas Market she was telling me about it.  So I purchased some of her dog treats. That day when I got home I gave our dog one.  The next day I gave her another treat.  The following day I couldn't believe the change in her.  She was climbing, running and seemed quite happy.  I was so impressed this winter when it was so cold, she didn't have any issues.  We are quite happy with the results we experienced."

-Bev, Amisk, AB


"When our elderly Staffordshire/Bulldog cross, Tubbie started experiencing joint pain as she got on in years, we were desperate to make her as comfortable possible, for as long as we could. I had heard about elk velvet antler and decided to try it for her mobility and the joint aches and pains of old age. I gave it to her every day and she responded really well. She started to move more easily and with more agility than we had seen from her for quite some time. Tubbie was much like her younger self again.


She was on E.V.A. until the time came that we had to let her go. I think it extended her life by several years. She lived to the ripe old age of 14, much longer than the life expectancy of either Staffies or Bulldogs."

-Brenda G., Hughenden, AB


"We have 2 black labs, 3 years and 10 years old. Last year we noticed that our older lab, Hana, had dramatically reduced her activity levels and was quite often stiff. We came across the Elk Velvet Antler dog treats through a friend and thought we had nothing to lose by trying the treats for our girls. Janice created a specific plan for each of our dogs to introduce the product as effectively as possible. We have been using the treats for about 6 months now and I must admit that I am very happy with them. While Hana will never be able to keep up with her younger counterpart, she has the energy and playfulness of a much younger dog. She eagerly waits for her daily walk, and loves to play and wrestle with her younger sister."

-Brenda T., Hughenden, AB


"Works amazing!  My 12 year old lab, Jessy, who was on a daily dose of Meticam for arthritis and she still had a hard time, has now been on these Elk Velvet Antler Cookies since Christmas, about 4 weeks now, and she is a new dog.


Everyone that knows her can’t believe she is the same dog… running up and down stairs, playing with the kids and loving life with no Meticam!


Can not say enough good things about what this has done for our Loved Jessy!"

-Jennifer, Hardisty, AB

                                                                                         Tessa's Story

My golden retriever of 5 ½ years of age injured her back leg approximately 2 years ago and I noticed she increasingly had weakness in that leg ever since.  Her movement was compromised to a certain degree and at times she was quite inactive. I noticed her gait was not symmetrical. However she never showed signs of pain.  I took her to the vet, and x-rays indicated some slight changes in the hip but not enough to do anything about at this time.

In April, 2018, I went to a PetExpo in Calgary where I met Janice from Motion Magic.   She had an attractive booth set up with information on the benefits of supplementing dogs displaying restricted movement, with Therapeutic Elk Velvet Antler Canine Cookies.  Janice’s explanation made good sense to me and I decided to try a four week trial.


At the end of only 1 week on the supplement cookies, I already began to notice she seemed happier and she was even doing a little running around the farm yard at times. By the end of week 2, she had a sparkle in her eyes and had a major running spree with the other Goldens.  After being on the EVA cookies for a month, Tessa had a new lease on life.  She loved going on long walks and chasing birds.


I decided to take her back to the vet for a follow up x-ray.   The vet was very pleased and amazed at the positive change he saw in her hip.   He told me to keep doing whatever I was doing.  So I explained about the EVA supplement cookies.  His response, “ well keep giving them!”


Now I make sure that I always have Elk Velvet Antler cookies in the cupboard as they are and always will be a main staple in Tessa’s diet.

                                                                                        WillyAnne,  Fort Macleod, AB


I wanted to send you a 'before and after' video of Milo, our 14 year old chocolate lab.


On the morning of day 2 receiving cookies, I recorded her as I woke her up. She didn't accurately demonstrate the severity of her 'locked up hips'. So I deleted that video, confident she could be more convincing tomorrow. But I had already missed that 'vid op'.


There was no looking back. She no longer lays around all day. She usually trots rather than walks and occasionally breaks into a full run, playing with our young dogs.


Thank you!

                                                                                           Dodd,    Alliance, Alberta

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