Buffalo Bill Burgers

Whole Wheat Flour   Oatmeal  Bison   Cheddar Cheese        Canola Oil  Elk Velvet Antler    Parsley  Garlic Powder  Water

Whole Wheat Flour  Tuna

Canola Oil   Elk Velvet Antler

Garlic Powder  Water 

Tuna Tidal Waves

Pawsitively Wheat Free

Rice Flour   Almond Flour   Banana 

Sweet Potato   Oatmeal

Xylitol Free Peanut Butter

 Sunflower Seeds  

Elk Velvet Antler   Parsley   Water 

Pumpkin Pops

Whole Wheat Flour   Pumpkin    Canola Oil  Elk Velvet Antler    Cinnamon   Parsley   Water 

Cheesy Bacon Bites

Whole Wheat Flour  Oatmeal    Cheddar Cheese  Canola Oil

Elk Velvet Antler   Bacon Bits    Parsley    Water 

 Motion Magic 

Elk Velvet Antler Canine Cookies

contain approximately 250 mg of 

Elk Velvet Antler 

 Motion Magic

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