The Recommended Dosage of E.V.A., according to the Alberta Elk Commission, is based upon a Formula of 250 mg per 10kg/22 lbs of Body Weight Once or Twice Daily.


I Have Two Types of Dog Owners

Some dog owners want to start their dogs on E.V.A. at a slower pace, watching for symptoms and increasing or decreasing the cookies accordingly. Some dog owners want to rapidly build up EVA in their pets' systems, so they can move to a lower maintenance dosage sooner.  Therefore, I developed two Suggested Introductory Plans.


Suggested Introductory Plans

Dogs that are arthritic or injured can begin the Suggested Introduction Plan for Arthritic or Injured Dogs below.  Once the 4 weeks of this plan are finished, move to the Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan.

Dogs that are healthy can complete the Suggested Introduction Plan for Healthy Dogs, before moving to the Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan.  Giving Canine Cookies to healthy dogs at any age can help to maintain joint health and build muscle as they mature.

A 90 Day Animal Toxicology Study showed no toxicity or lethality at 25 times the normal dosage

(Church, J., (1998). Velvet Antler. It's Historical Medical Use, Performance Enhancing Effects and Pharmacology.  Calgary, Alberta Elk Equities).

Suggested Introduction Plan for Arthritic or Injured Dogs

Dosage Schedule

Week 1 -  2 x (Your Dosage) per day

Week 2 - 1 x (Your Dosage) per day

Week 3 - 1 x (Your Dosage) per day

Week 4 - 1 x (Your Dosage) every other day

If your dog's stiffness or symptoms return,

repeat Weeks 3 and 4 to Replenish the store of E.V.A. in your dog's system.  If symptoms still persist return to Week 1 and follow the program again.

Your dog's body may have been doing extensive repair and has rapidly used up the nutrients in E.V.A. Therefore, your dog may need extra E.V.A. to continue regenerating and rebuilding its body.

Once the body has regained proper balance, the symptoms should subside again.

Suggested Introduction Plan for Healthy Dogs

Dosage Schedule

Week 1 - 1 x (Your Dosage) per day

Week 2 - 1 x (Your Dosage) every other day

Doing this Suggested Introduction Plan for Healthy Dogs builds up E.V.A. in your dog's system so the Suggested Weekly 

Maintenance Levels can be low and effective long term.

Giving your dog E.V.A. as it grows from a puppy to a senior, supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to help maintain healthy joints.

Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan

Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan

This Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan is designed to work best after completing one of the above Introduction Plans.


After following one of the above plans, your dog should have a store of E.V.A. in its system, allowing for the low Suggested Weekly Maintenance Plan to be effective.

The suggested dosage in this plan is substantially lower then the Alberta Elk Commission's daily recommended dosage.  So, do not hesitate to give your dog extra cookie(s) if symptoms start to return or an injury occurs. 

E.V.A.'s Dosage Safety has been evaluated in a 90 Day Animal Toxicology Study, showing No Toxicity or Lethality at 25 times the Normal Dosage. 


(Church, J., (1998). Velvet Antler. It's Historical Medical Use, Performance Enhancing Effects and Pharmacology.  Calgary, Alberta Elk Equities)

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